Friday, November 12, 2010

The Breit Side: Episode 1

Our first podcast!  Check it out.

Episode 1

bikes, tetris, old people, violent games, handicap doors, carnival cruise, apple computer, yahoo advice, doctors forms

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  1. First off, I’m a little late to the party but only by a month so that’s pretty good for me. I would just like to say though great first podcast! It did take me a little bit to figure out how to play it cause the play bar thingy didn’t seem to work but once I clicked on Episode 1 it all worked great! One other thing, and I’m trying to figure this out too, is having the comments just show up below the post. I think that works better than having to click on “comments”. When you figure that out let me know! Ok enough of the technical whooha. I did take a few notes and these are the thoughts that popped into my head while I was listening. Engineer Alex, I picture him wearing overalls and no shirt. Is that wrong of me? The bicycle dudes segment was spot on and I have actually caused people on bicycles to do the “wobbly wheel!” Great line by the way. I would also like to add it doesn’t get any better once you’re out of college. Where I work now there is a guy who has to be in his sixties who apparently rides his bike to work. He seems like a nice enough guy but I gotta tell you that’s the last thing I want to see in the morning. A sixty year old man in his tight bicycle shorts holding his helmet. So thank you for making me think of a sixty year old man’s helmet! Tetris! The game that keeps on giving. I only have two games on my phone, one of them is Tetris. I know it’s an old phone. I play it all the time though when I’m taking a crap. I concur, it does help with traumatic events! Old people, or as you put it, “disgusting and just starting to decay”. That made me laugh! The only upside I see to getting older is that doctors might actually start prescribing me the good drugs! Then again, why wait, just move to California! The door thing. That was funny, at first I didn’t know what you were talking about but I eventually got it! The handicap button that makes the door open. I did laugh at the idea of little key fobs for the handicapped! Ok, I threw in the word “fobs”. I knew what you meant and I laughed. I don’t think the handicapped do well with regular keys, they need fobs. I wish I had a fob for my apartment’s front door. How great would that be! Come home hammered one night and all you have to do is wave the magic fob! The ship that got stranded. What made me laugh was “if I was on it I would try to make it sink!” You apparently have never seen the Titanic. I don’t blame you for not seeing it, but I’m pretty sure the dude ends up dead in the end. Just saying. One last thought, you touched on violent video games. As a parent I’ve told my son this, “If you kill one person in real life, I’m taking them away!” By the way the game “Dead Rising” is cool. You can run over zombies with a shopping cart in a mall! It kicks ass!